Power introduces change or is it, the other way around – AA, the talking wall

The most important aspect of one’s life is to be respected and be loved. It is the most basic expectation every individual carry with him or her. These two ingredients are sufficient for CHANGE.
We are the ones who have been running this materialistic world created by THEE. In this powerful journey, we have lost the connection to our true self somewhere in the middle and did not thought of that loss as we advanced further gathering more power bringing more change.
Our sole purpose is to provide and create. The only power that has this ability is our true self. Making technological advancements and building governments haven’t really showed us our true character. We tend to believe that we have the power to create anything, if we possess a mere colored, shaped paper sheet that has the seal, designs and probably a face of great Individuals that were mere reflection of their true self who walked on this earth in the past imposed on it and recognized by the government. Well, I believe, we should look back and try to find out the truth, just one more time.
The power that we have been able to showcase is not our creation, it is the alteration of existing facts & figures that we have successfully or unsuccessfully molded into the face that is required to alter more existing facts & figures. We have started a chain reaction which has grown so strong that we can’t even see the source of our own materialistic development, as we have named it.
During the course of such enormous development of powerhouse all across the globe, we have forgotten or probably neglected the most basic and essential ingredient behind this advancements i.e. us, humans.
What we have heard of past, through stories and literature, medium of books or via writer’s imagination or real events and is currently witnessing now, is the product of our very actions that we have performed in past and performing at this very moment.
Every one of us is responsible and is a core part of any advancement that our eyes have seen. Can we say that we possess the power of creation? I believe, NO.
We human’s use very minimal part of our brain capacity gifted to us by THEE and concentrate on giving shapes to our thoughts which are visible to our eyes that already exist all around us. The only thing that makes us believe the certain developments are ours is Patents and Copyright’s which are also made by us, governments. We have stamped our name on each of this advancement making it sound like an invention, even though whatever we say we invented already existed. It’s just one individual paid attention to it or stumbled upon it while rest of us were busy expanding.
We are advancing, it is the truth but where, that’s what lingers in my head at all times.
In our youth, our parents & teachers tell us that whatever they are trying to make us study will bring greater knowledge to us which will eventually help us to perform well in our life. I believe the fundamental is correct but the medium and self-understanding of such actions is haywire. Still we, as young individuals feel that something is waiting for us to be achieved in future and we follow the instructions exactly or may be in our own interpretations.
Here, in terms of technological, political, economic and social advancements, have we decided any goals for ourselves in similarity to what we did in our youth during school days. I am sure, many will nod their head and few will look up and try to find words to express what they think about this query of mine.
Well, I believe we haven’t given any consideration to any goals. We are just continuing expanding our present self into something unknown without any fear of bursting out because we feel the Power, more Power each moment we expand. This Power itself has become the source of our expansion. Until it remains, we might not be able to outline our goal(s).
Well, without a goal, it is clueless where to stop and in which direction to turn. It’s just expanding in all directions possible, similar to the number of straight lines that can originate from a single dot. If you think you have found the right number of straight lines, I guess you have found the source and the answer to the query above.


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