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Unbalanced Situations or Conscious Decisions….do we really know?… AA, THE TALKING WALL

There always is, a decisive moment in one’s life where consciously or unconsciously we take action.

We are living in a world which begins with a run in marathon and end in one too. During our existence in this life, we go through uncountable moments that becomes are very expressions of our own selves. We start getting noticed by all based on it.

Certain actions, certain movements become our trade mark. We are judged and looked upon because of those repetitive moments that we have made a part of our daily routine.

Since, my childhood I was always looked as an introvert. No need for anyone and no support needed at all. There were many like me and there are many even still and they will continue to be there but are they actually introvert? In fact can anyone be an introvert?

There are times, when we want to be in the middle of a discussion, sometimes away from even a sound of a pin dropping on the floor in the quite atmosphere. There are even times when we create such atmosphere where people come and talk to us, listen to us, and ask about us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we mostly want to be someone who is not neglected but at the same time not over burdened with the pressure of society.

We always want to be balanced in every way. Be it any of those hundred characters that we play in as many hours in a single day. But at the end of the day, if we reflect back upon our day’s events, we can clearly see that our actions have created one-sided moments from which we always want to run away.

Do we know why is it that although we are determined to live a balanced life, still ends up in unbalanced events?

None of us have the truthful answer. We all have our manipulated ways to answer this question. When we are judged, we feel rush of emotions swirling through our body. We feel that lightning striking within our body giving us Goosebumps. We feel so energised looking at the person or group who is making comments about one’s existence that we for a moment forget our very own existence.

These rushes of emotions are not spontaneous. They have been swirling in us from long, they just gets connected to that event taking place and creates an unbalanced atmosphere. At any given point, no matter how hard one tries, these surge of emotions always start on an unbalanced equation leading the one further away from balance.

Isn’t it an experience that all of us had in past and continues to have it at all times of the day, even at present, reading these very words?

Precisely at the time when this surge starts within ourselves, at that every moment another surge starts, probably a bigger one that tries to control the emotional surge simultaneously but due to our tendency to be in the middle of an event as soon as the opportunity arises irrespective of its nature, we tend to ignore this larger surge helping the emotional surge in getting bigger and bigger, leaving the other surge working its way in a smaller way.

But the second surge never stops.

When the momentarily event is over, the emotional surge dies down and our concentration goes towards this smaller surge working its way, which tell us about the pros and cons of the passed event, we realise that there were things that could have been avoided, the outcome may not have been what it was. There was something else that I could have done.

Why such thoughts linger in our mind only after the event has taken place? Is it not possible to have these thoughts looked upon only at the time when the event is about to start? What stops us from having this intellect of decision making power at that very second when the first wave or emotions engulf our intellectual existence and fan our physical existence?

There are so many questions that our mind processes when we think about such simple yet magnificent thoughts and experiences that we go through each second.

Does it mean that we can actually stop events from taking place? Does it mean that we can actually change what is happening? Is it really possible to realise the power of creating & destroying and exhibiting it at the same time?

Can we really say out loud that we have the power to change?

Is there even a remote chance that listening to the second surge might give us peace and stops any event if not favourable to all from happening?

Each one of us goes through this phenomenon of being someone we think we are not, during a day’s life events. On the same night with sleepy eyes, we think over it again and again. Some of us during this phase of half-awake decide whether we will be a part of such events ever again.

 Such powerful thoughts and knowing about this reality, this experience, we tend to start our new day with the same cycle of unbalanced equations, being part of unbalanced events. And again get tied down in the outcome of such events only to later realise, we have just repeated yesterday one more time.

We are the ones judging ourselves, we are the one’s looking up or down on ourselves, we are the ones pushing us to be a part of the unbalanced equation.

Every one of us is responsible and accountable to our own actions. No matter how prompted we will get, no matter how materialistically good or bad the event might be, it’s us who gets in the middle of such unbalanced life events. At that moment, no matter how emotionally unbalanced we are, we are making a conscious choice.

What is our true nature? What is our true existence? Who we really are? We know all the answers. It’s just at the time when we could have found our respective answers, we find ourselves riding the first wave of emotions leading us into the abyss of emotional turbulence away from looking at the light that might enlighten us with Truth.

It’s our life, it’s our body, it’s our thoughts, and it’s our existence. Let not allow them to linger in the wasteland of materialistic world rather carry them in our hands where ever we go to find out the truth about who we actually are.

The question here is….do we really think that we have time to do all this in today’s world? Well…we all know that we have already answered this question by now. It’s only a moment of letting that second surge overcome the first surge of emotions will make you realise the answer.

We Agree or disagree, that doesn’t matter as life will move on irrespectively but on what path…………it will always be a mystery! 

Power introduces change or is it, the other way around – AA, the talking wall

The most important aspect of one’s life is to be respected and be loved. It is the most basic expectation every individual carry with him or her. These two ingredients are sufficient for CHANGE.
We are the ones who have been running this materialistic world created by THEE. In this powerful journey, we have lost the connection to our true self somewhere in the middle and did not thought of that loss as we advanced further gathering more power bringing more change.
Our sole purpose is to provide and create. The only power that has this ability is our true self. Making technological advancements and building governments haven’t really showed us our true character. We tend to believe that we have the power to create anything, if we possess a mere colored, shaped paper sheet that has the seal, designs and probably a face of great Individuals that were mere reflection of their true self who walked on this earth in the past imposed on it and recognized by the government. Well, I believe, we should look back and try to find out the truth, just one more time.
The power that we have been able to showcase is not our creation, it is the alteration of existing facts & figures that we have successfully or unsuccessfully molded into the face that is required to alter more existing facts & figures. We have started a chain reaction which has grown so strong that we can’t even see the source of our own materialistic development, as we have named it.
During the course of such enormous development of powerhouse all across the globe, we have forgotten or probably neglected the most basic and essential ingredient behind this advancements i.e. us, humans.
What we have heard of past, through stories and literature, medium of books or via writer’s imagination or real events and is currently witnessing now, is the product of our very actions that we have performed in past and performing at this very moment.
Every one of us is responsible and is a core part of any advancement that our eyes have seen. Can we say that we possess the power of creation? I believe, NO.
We human’s use very minimal part of our brain capacity gifted to us by THEE and concentrate on giving shapes to our thoughts which are visible to our eyes that already exist all around us. The only thing that makes us believe the certain developments are ours is Patents and Copyright’s which are also made by us, governments. We have stamped our name on each of this advancement making it sound like an invention, even though whatever we say we invented already existed. It’s just one individual paid attention to it or stumbled upon it while rest of us were busy expanding.
We are advancing, it is the truth but where, that’s what lingers in my head at all times.
In our youth, our parents & teachers tell us that whatever they are trying to make us study will bring greater knowledge to us which will eventually help us to perform well in our life. I believe the fundamental is correct but the medium and self-understanding of such actions is haywire. Still we, as young individuals feel that something is waiting for us to be achieved in future and we follow the instructions exactly or may be in our own interpretations.
Here, in terms of technological, political, economic and social advancements, have we decided any goals for ourselves in similarity to what we did in our youth during school days. I am sure, many will nod their head and few will look up and try to find words to express what they think about this query of mine.
Well, I believe we haven’t given any consideration to any goals. We are just continuing expanding our present self into something unknown without any fear of bursting out because we feel the Power, more Power each moment we expand. This Power itself has become the source of our expansion. Until it remains, we might not be able to outline our goal(s).
Well, without a goal, it is clueless where to stop and in which direction to turn. It’s just expanding in all directions possible, similar to the number of straight lines that can originate from a single dot. If you think you have found the right number of straight lines, I guess you have found the source and the answer to the query above.