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Are our actions and expressions defined by consumption of types of food or the thought by which we consume it? – AA, the talking wall

Oh Wow! That’s the expression I exhibit sometimes within and on most occasions in open when I am hungry and look at the dish served to me.

It is a delight to eat. It is wonderful to get energized and be ready to continue with our daily routine. It gives immense pleasure to consume and to cherish the taste that remains in the very conscience even after the food is finished.

Food is a basic amenity to each one of us same as water and air is. Without proper nourishment, our body would not function in the manner it is supposed to. We might feel lethargic, tired, lazy, and weak if we do not consume food properly. There are many varieties of food that exist and many of us rather all of us probably have choices to which we feel more attracted when we are hungry.

Now here is what we all would have noticed but I guess not the same number would be conscious of it.

According to what I have experienced, we eat to satisfy the lust of our tongue and not the hunger lingering in stomach. We eat to taste the essence of food that we already mentally have tasted by imagining food even before it is served for us to consume. Although it is an exceptional feeling to be happy at all times but when it comes to consumption of food, our consciousness should not be on how it tastes but the fulfillment of our hunger.

Every one of us wants to have the best food available within our budget and we try to reach out to it as soon as hunger overcomes our intellectual mind and directs our conscious towards fulfilling our stomach’s need.

It is by my experience that I realized that consumption of different varieties of food introduces our self to different expressions that we carry within us as a hidden part of our character. To find out whether, the food carry an ingredient that could possibly have effect, I conducted a long and quite difficult experiment on myself.

During my college days in Ireland, being a vegetarian, I decided to start the experiment with full consciousness to find out about the effects of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that might or might not have effects on the thought process of human beings. It was a difficult start but I guess I was determined to satisfy my inner voice that discriminated between two food genres.

I started with a type of non-vegetarian dish and to my wonder really liked the taste and feel of it. The moment it touched my tongue, I felt really nice about its texture, its overall look and the after taste that it left in my mouth to cherish the food that I have consumed. I never would have thought this in my wildest dream that being a non-vegetarian is actually not that bad idea. I thought it was just a social norm to be considered different being a non-vegetarian.

I forgot about the experiment for a while and was totally unconscious about any of my thoughts that I had earlier about finding the truth of food effects on human expression. I could write about it now because I realized later the reason why I started to consume non-vegetarian food when someone pointed out few changes that I was exhibiting.

If I still remember correctly, I was about to finish my daily class and while leaving the room, I was looking at few charts that were drawn on the sheet hanging on the white board. To my surprise, I was told by someone that I have kind of changed and they can notice my expressions and voice notes getting quite louder with time; sometimes, not very pleasant.

Well, I did not bother to give much of a thought to that particular comment or compliment; I am not sure what that person meant. At night while I was out on my daily routine, part-time job, I was about to have my normal noodle dish with non-vegetarian gravy and it hit me. I was completely overwhelmed with the expression of that individual.

I realized that my promise to myself to consume all genres of food was to find something and not to enjoy the taste. Well, I went and stood in front of the mirror and started looking at my face. May be I was over reacting or was desperate to find out some visible difference in me, I concluded that my facial expressions have definitely changed and my body language have become, I must say aggressive.

For next few days, I observed the thoughts that I was having in my mind and I found out that something new is introduced in my system that is reflecting in my expressions and bodily actions. So, I decided to go to the phase two of my experiment and started consuming vegetarian food only. I continued playing my role as vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodie for 2 years.

I realized that it is not the food that carries the ingredient that can change the thought of humans. It is the thought itself that consume us at the time we decide what we want to eat to satisfy our…….lust. I realized that as soon as we are hungry and our consciousness activates this thought, the image of food also appears with the thought of hunger itself.

We all would have witnessed this thought. According to me, the difference between identifying the lust factor and pure hunger factor is the development of saliva in our mouth. Now, can we say that saliva is the basis of the lust ingredient which is the product of the imagination of that particular food? It’s you who can experience. Everyone has experiences but not all have the same ones.

I believe that at the time of imagination or starting to consume the food, our thought towards the food and our hunger plays a vital role in defining our inner state. It is not the food but our thought about it with which we consume it.

Everybody wants to be humble and polite and good to all but still we witness the different expressions of humans. Does food play as one of the factor that give shapes to our thought or is it just a notion that some people experience and some don’t?

Consciously working towards making our inner self pure and free of provocation of any unwarranted thought, we must always remain in complete control of our thoughts. Indeed, it is very difficult to maintain such commitment towards flushing provoking thoughts but is it not worth it?

Nobody has the right to tell anyone what to consume and what not to. It is the freedom of every individual to act based on their judgment and decisions but one thing is certain that before actually starting to eat, if we are conscious of our thoughts that arises in our mind based on the food that I served to us, we can certainly get benefitted with the positivity that might help us to think clearly.

Food and the thought towards the cooked food both are the key ingredients that add another level to our existence thinking which defines us and assist us in exhibiting ourselves through bodily gestures in a particular manner. It is our duty and responsibility to feed our true self with nourished and fresh thought in the form of food. Anything that drives us towards satisfying lust, we must be aware and conscious of it.

Does our individuality depend on what we consume? Is it true that our thoughts and actions are the bi-product of our daily consumption of type of food and the thought with which we consume it? Or are we just trying to find out the relation…