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Happiness is directly proportional to the activities we perform under the Sun and the Moon. A reality or just a momentarily thought – AA, the talking wall

There are days when we are thinking about ourselves more than the other days. May be today is that day?

The fundamental of divine design can be witnessed at starting of the day with the rise of the golden sun with birds chirping, coming out of the straw made homes, flying and enjoying the freedom of life. This is the true activity of a “DAY”.

Slowly and gradually the rays of the sun are less felt on the skin and eventually the darkness of night covers the golden sun with its blanket. In this darkness, Moon rises and reflects the light of the sun for us to lie down under the monstrous sky, scattered stars and our own deep self to meditate. This is the true activity of “NIGHT”.

We are born to move. We are constantly in the state of motion. Even when we are in deep sleep, we are not at peace, our thoughts are continuously flowing and our physical body is constantly trying to figure out the best position to continue sleeping without the break in the dream that we might be living at that moment.

But there are times when we play hide and seek and mix n match the separate aspects of light and darkness. We tend to think at night, about the peace that we feel and realize the storage of our intellectual abilities due to the calmness of night. This make us believe that night is the best working environment that one can create for him/herself, thereby starting the Day activity at night and continue to perform night activity in Day. For some time, we feel energetic and happy and witness the difference within ourselves but after certain time period the same joy, enthusiasm and charisma to perform at great heights starts to get dull, diminish. At that point we start thinking about our bored work culture and non-exciting, non-happening life. And we see nothing but darkness ahead.


We have broken the circle by mixing the activities that we were suppose to perform in the Day and the Night time and hence, whatever accumulation of positivity from Day we had from our early life gets exhausted as we did not perform the tasks that we were supposed to at the right time and similarly, we lose the soothing realization about our intellectual powerhouse as we work in other direction at Night.

We create a life for ourselves that initially made us materialistic happy but at the same time started to drain our storage vault of all the savings that we did earlier. Continuation of such practices leads us to encounter physical ailments such as; Migraine, Body aches, memory loss, weak eye sight, hair loss, back problem, weak joints, lethargic, laziness, tiredness, loss of speech, scattered thoughts, hatred, jealousy, anger, visible change in attitude, compelling behavior. There can be thousand more ailments that can be named but that’s not the point. Everyone knows this for fact still we continuously create such environment in our lives.

At the end of the day we even lose the precious materialistic happiness for which we created this environment. At this point, we get a shock of our lives and helpless we stand witnessing the smallest of joyful things slipping away from our hands like grains of sand. We witness in horror the change in ourselves that we never thought can be seen within us.

We helplessly look ahead for light which can lead us to the right direction, pull us out of this materialistic misery but the only thing that lingers in our head is the past. Upon reflecting back we try to find out the source of such horrific present that we are experiencing, witnessing but even that we are unable to do. Why? Because we don’t even know the game of mix n match that we once played, even exist. Only when we introspect our actions, we have the possibility of finding out the real cause, the source, the starting point of the path that lead us to this present.

At this point also, we have a choice as we always had. At all times, we made choices either consciously or unconsciously but today, there is only time to consciously decide the further course of action, the change in path if you think is necessary. It will surely pain like nothing you have imagined, if you choose to work towards re-establishing the right activity at the right time and tear the blanket under which we are performing current activities. You will also have a choice to let go of everything and just live with whatever you have been left with and continue living in the surrounding of existing sufferings.

But you always a choice at every moment to decide to either move forward or to stay where you are for which you have to ask the right question to your own self…right now. Choice is and will always be yours.