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Do we know out True Self or we are just two-faced materialistically created surrogates – AA, the talking wall

We are the manifestation of Lord.

We all make choices and do things the way we think its right and at the same time we believe that whatever we are choosing is the best according to our present standard and nothing else could be better.

We have been groomed according to what our parents have witnessed in their childhood and the experience that they have gained since they have started experiencing this beautiful creation of Lord i.e. our beloved world.

Now, when we were growing up, we were told certain ways according to which we should publicly behave and interact. Following and doing this for so long, it has become an integral part of our central living system. In simple terms, the etiquette as we properly call it in human language, has completely over powered our unique system which was trying to evolve and come out in open since we were born until we started learning the society ways of exhibiting oneself.

This particular teaching through our parents and teachers in school, colleges have made us kind of a two-faced individuals. Two faced-individual is a simple stage where we make choices based on waiting mechanism of mind rather spontaneous activity that mind always tends to get involved into.

Every parent tries to protect his/her child from worldly negativity that could harm their child’s physical or intellectual growth. To make sure that in their absence nothing wrong happens to their child and their child is loved, accepted and treated properly by this society, they deliberately teach us the worldly ways of analyzing the situation and coming up with a solution that best protect them from any harm.

We think differently and act according to the surrounding. Our actions do not justify our thoughts. The drastic effect of this way of living has slowly and gradually buried our true nature somewhere deep within ourselves which is far away from our unconscious reach.

We have now come to a point where we most of the times do not actually understanding and know exactly why we made a particular decision or why we acted/reacted in a particular manner in a given situation. We tend to think and reflect back upon our actions and choices and most of the time regret the choices that we made in past which are impossible to change now.

Sometimes, we tend to think that we were too emotional at the time of the choice or we were too stubborn to have changed our decision at that point and later in present, we are amazed at ourselves that how is it possible that “I” reacted in this way. Mind tends to throw all kinds of light for us to come to a conclusion that could justify our choices or actions but most of the times, we make time as our closest friend and wait for it to heal the past.

Have we ever given it a thought that why we repent or regret our past decisions even when we are the ones making those decisions with full consciousness and understanding of the surrounding.

Is it because of making the best utilizing the available scarce resources at our disposal or is it due to the two faced self that has been created by ourselves with the help of our elders since we first got introduced to the outer world i.e. other fellow living beings apart from us, individuals.

In college, my economics class-mates always talked about theories of making best utilization of available resources to come up with the best possible decision that can be made at the given time and I always used to think that if every individual is unique and has his or her own style of thinking, no matter how similar situation it is, the decisions will always differ from each other at any given time.

So, when we all are making best possible use of available resources then how come, choices and the outcomes of decisions taken by different people are different from each other, sometimes, completely in opposite directions. Is it because I was too naïve to understand the phenomenon of choice or is it something that we as individuals are unable to see within or about ourselves.

Now at this point, I personally believe that it’s our own concept and understanding of available resources which are dependent on circumstances or individual perception that determines the choices that a person is going to make. But there is a gap in our immediate thought and the thought at the time of actually making a choice.

This gap is the result of our two separate identities that we have created. One is the outspoken Identity that is unique and divine. It carries all the attributes of our true self, our true personality that we might have been carrying since many births. Second, is the materialistic self that we have developed, designed and maintained based on this society inside which we live and tend to act.

Our true self holds the answers to all the questions that are visible in this world but due to our second self, all these answers are shielded and are never explored by us.

To know this phenomenon, I tried thinking consciously on the instinctive thought that flashes for micro-second in my mind at the time when I have even barely looked at a situation. In case, I am unable to hold onto that particular flash, I get ideas pouring from all parts of the world I have been and people I have met in my entire life during which the only thing I can remember is the question with no immediate answer.

We tend to give a thought to any situation and then start from the square one, where we start analyzing and utilizing the available resources to come up with the best option we possibly can but no matter what, that divine answer to the question remains unseen, unheard or unexplored.

Only if we are able to start consciously working towards identifying that flash regularly and make an effort to catch it, we will be opening doors that will lead us to our real, true self. A self that was once visible and loved by all. A self which was expressing itself when we were born.

Do we think parent’s effort to shield their children from worldly issues are making a child loose its uniqueness in terms of his/her existence and go far away from the inner child? Have we lost the divine touch with our inner child?

Don’t you think that we may never be able to understand ourselves, our true existence until we find that lost child again?

There are endless list of questions that starts finding their ways in words when we actually meditate on this particular thought. At the end the choice remains with us, only this time, it’s not about pleasing others or solving a problem, it’s about finding Us, our true Us.


Role of Teachers in Changing Landscape of Education -RG

In this era of technological revolution where traditional classroom is gradually changing into a flipped classroom what is the role of the contemporary teacher in the learning of the student? What kind of teacher should a 21st century teacher be?

A traditional classroom is very much content based learning and face to face interaction environment. The physical presence of the teacher is required for optimum curriculum delivery. However, the teaching is now shifting to context based from content based. With the increasing number of eLearning avenues and shift in knowledge base ,the presence of teacher in a class setting is changing to virtual than physical.

In process of creating a virtual era of global community of learners the question arises, if this mode of learning is as effective as the traditional method? This is rather a concern than just a question in my opinion, as curriculum delivery to bring about learning in a student is the whole sole objective of teaching and delivering education. The knowledge being delivered should enhance students’ potential and incubate understanding.


Most essential aspect of teaching is communication. If a teacher has abundance of knowledge but is not able to communicate effectively to the students, it may not be worth the effort. However, eLearning encompasses a range of communication tools to deliver education materials which may fulfil this essential requirement to a great extent. However, the teachers need to decide a tool to teach the students where a meaningful learning can take place.


Now with these changes in the role of a teacher, from physical presence to virtual presence, from communicating by speech to communicating digitally, from traditional classroom setting to flipped classroom, leaves us with a question that how do we reconfigure our understanding of the modern teacher? How best the potential of the students can be fulfilled?

Years after the role of teacher was defined for bringing about learning in the student, the discussion and exploration continues with the change in platforms and shifts in technology, on how best to evolve this role of the educator. Redefinition of a teacher is in process and very much in progress with technological advancement.

Happiness is directly proportional to the activities we perform under the Sun and the Moon. A reality or just a momentarily thought – AA, the talking wall

There are days when we are thinking about ourselves more than the other days. May be today is that day?

The fundamental of divine design can be witnessed at starting of the day with the rise of the golden sun with birds chirping, coming out of the straw made homes, flying and enjoying the freedom of life. This is the true activity of a “DAY”.

Slowly and gradually the rays of the sun are less felt on the skin and eventually the darkness of night covers the golden sun with its blanket. In this darkness, Moon rises and reflects the light of the sun for us to lie down under the monstrous sky, scattered stars and our own deep self to meditate. This is the true activity of “NIGHT”.

We are born to move. We are constantly in the state of motion. Even when we are in deep sleep, we are not at peace, our thoughts are continuously flowing and our physical body is constantly trying to figure out the best position to continue sleeping without the break in the dream that we might be living at that moment.

But there are times when we play hide and seek and mix n match the separate aspects of light and darkness. We tend to think at night, about the peace that we feel and realize the storage of our intellectual abilities due to the calmness of night. This make us believe that night is the best working environment that one can create for him/herself, thereby starting the Day activity at night and continue to perform night activity in Day. For some time, we feel energetic and happy and witness the difference within ourselves but after certain time period the same joy, enthusiasm and charisma to perform at great heights starts to get dull, diminish. At that point we start thinking about our bored work culture and non-exciting, non-happening life. And we see nothing but darkness ahead.


We have broken the circle by mixing the activities that we were suppose to perform in the Day and the Night time and hence, whatever accumulation of positivity from Day we had from our early life gets exhausted as we did not perform the tasks that we were supposed to at the right time and similarly, we lose the soothing realization about our intellectual powerhouse as we work in other direction at Night.

We create a life for ourselves that initially made us materialistic happy but at the same time started to drain our storage vault of all the savings that we did earlier. Continuation of such practices leads us to encounter physical ailments such as; Migraine, Body aches, memory loss, weak eye sight, hair loss, back problem, weak joints, lethargic, laziness, tiredness, loss of speech, scattered thoughts, hatred, jealousy, anger, visible change in attitude, compelling behavior. There can be thousand more ailments that can be named but that’s not the point. Everyone knows this for fact still we continuously create such environment in our lives.

At the end of the day we even lose the precious materialistic happiness for which we created this environment. At this point, we get a shock of our lives and helpless we stand witnessing the smallest of joyful things slipping away from our hands like grains of sand. We witness in horror the change in ourselves that we never thought can be seen within us.

We helplessly look ahead for light which can lead us to the right direction, pull us out of this materialistic misery but the only thing that lingers in our head is the past. Upon reflecting back we try to find out the source of such horrific present that we are experiencing, witnessing but even that we are unable to do. Why? Because we don’t even know the game of mix n match that we once played, even exist. Only when we introspect our actions, we have the possibility of finding out the real cause, the source, the starting point of the path that lead us to this present.

At this point also, we have a choice as we always had. At all times, we made choices either consciously or unconsciously but today, there is only time to consciously decide the further course of action, the change in path if you think is necessary. It will surely pain like nothing you have imagined, if you choose to work towards re-establishing the right activity at the right time and tear the blanket under which we are performing current activities. You will also have a choice to let go of everything and just live with whatever you have been left with and continue living in the surrounding of existing sufferings.

But you always a choice at every moment to decide to either move forward or to stay where you are for which you have to ask the right question to your own self…right now. Choice is and will always be yours.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction -RG

We go through different phases in life. The phases where thoughts change, realizations occur and we take decisions or work on our dreams are the ones which pave our way to happiness. In other words, we live for the dream which outshines us. What’s happiness to you??? For me it’s the delight of feeling contentment and peace flowing through my heart and mind.

Every dream is special, because we as individual specialize in or attain specialization with course of fulfilling the dream. However, the sustainability and durability of dreams is what people around you will always raise questions about…isn’t it? I would say, probably they are not able to differentiate between thoughts and dreams. The essence of the dream is what matters and we would make it work, if that is actually our dream. Share your dreams and live them without fear as no other individual will think the same way you would.

Quantifying dreams is another common mistake we commit in initial phase itself which kills the dream. Big or small doesn’t matter, what matters is what is your objective to achieve the dream. I agree we need to earn a living but my dear even if the path is filled with roses the probability of having a few thorns cannot be ignored. Believe me once you start walking towards your own happiness things will fall in place on their own….don’t let the problems pull you down , face them , overcome them. You wouldn’t even come to know when the thunder passed by and you would be sailing smooth ….

That’s the moment when you would feel good to be lost in right direction because the gains will shine equally with in you same as they would on your bank account.

Know yourself before knowing anything else. Things will be easy.

Power introduces change or is it, the other way around – AA, the talking wall

The most important aspect of one’s life is to be respected and be loved. It is the most basic expectation every individual carry with him or her. These two ingredients are sufficient for CHANGE.
We are the ones who have been running this materialistic world created by THEE. In this powerful journey, we have lost the connection to our true self somewhere in the middle and did not thought of that loss as we advanced further gathering more power bringing more change.
Our sole purpose is to provide and create. The only power that has this ability is our true self. Making technological advancements and building governments haven’t really showed us our true character. We tend to believe that we have the power to create anything, if we possess a mere colored, shaped paper sheet that has the seal, designs and probably a face of great Individuals that were mere reflection of their true self who walked on this earth in the past imposed on it and recognized by the government. Well, I believe, we should look back and try to find out the truth, just one more time.
The power that we have been able to showcase is not our creation, it is the alteration of existing facts & figures that we have successfully or unsuccessfully molded into the face that is required to alter more existing facts & figures. We have started a chain reaction which has grown so strong that we can’t even see the source of our own materialistic development, as we have named it.
During the course of such enormous development of powerhouse all across the globe, we have forgotten or probably neglected the most basic and essential ingredient behind this advancements i.e. us, humans.
What we have heard of past, through stories and literature, medium of books or via writer’s imagination or real events and is currently witnessing now, is the product of our very actions that we have performed in past and performing at this very moment.
Every one of us is responsible and is a core part of any advancement that our eyes have seen. Can we say that we possess the power of creation? I believe, NO.
We human’s use very minimal part of our brain capacity gifted to us by THEE and concentrate on giving shapes to our thoughts which are visible to our eyes that already exist all around us. The only thing that makes us believe the certain developments are ours is Patents and Copyright’s which are also made by us, governments. We have stamped our name on each of this advancement making it sound like an invention, even though whatever we say we invented already existed. It’s just one individual paid attention to it or stumbled upon it while rest of us were busy expanding.
We are advancing, it is the truth but where, that’s what lingers in my head at all times.
In our youth, our parents & teachers tell us that whatever they are trying to make us study will bring greater knowledge to us which will eventually help us to perform well in our life. I believe the fundamental is correct but the medium and self-understanding of such actions is haywire. Still we, as young individuals feel that something is waiting for us to be achieved in future and we follow the instructions exactly or may be in our own interpretations.
Here, in terms of technological, political, economic and social advancements, have we decided any goals for ourselves in similarity to what we did in our youth during school days. I am sure, many will nod their head and few will look up and try to find words to express what they think about this query of mine.
Well, I believe we haven’t given any consideration to any goals. We are just continuing expanding our present self into something unknown without any fear of bursting out because we feel the Power, more Power each moment we expand. This Power itself has become the source of our expansion. Until it remains, we might not be able to outline our goal(s).
Well, without a goal, it is clueless where to stop and in which direction to turn. It’s just expanding in all directions possible, similar to the number of straight lines that can originate from a single dot. If you think you have found the right number of straight lines, I guess you have found the source and the answer to the query above.