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Materialistic and Spiritual Self…A subtle division… AA, the talking wall

We all are unique individuals but bounded by materialistic ropes that we have manufactured since our birth.

We are born alone with no clothes, probably no or minimal hair, closed eyes and trying to make our little self, accustom to the new world in which we have entered.

The moment Mother’s umbrella is removed and child gets exposed to the natural light which illuminates this world, a shock-like phenomenon occur in the self-absorbing mind of a child. The pain and fear of direct exposure to this light seems quite a lot for the child to bear and the cry to get back the umbrella starts the child’s journey into the mystical world of BRAHM.

Slowly and gradually the need of the umbrella dies down as new ways are shown to the child. They feel safe again and first smile shows the sign of child’s acceptance to the new world. The self-absorbing vault-like mind starts accumulating consciously unconscious thoughts, visions, images etc., deep inside. Simultaneously, the child encounters the savings inside the vault and tries to use it every moment to satisfy the arousal of query that invades the calm, soft and tender mind of the child. The invasion seems alien to the child as it has originated from the man-made boundaries of relationships, concrete walls, cosy bed and difference between safe, unsafe, inside and outside environment.

Elders starts educating the child as the age increases but child starts learning the moment this world envelopes the new soul and provides a separate mechanism for it to grow further. During the elderly teaching, child encounters hurdles of its own. While playing on the concrete or wooden or tiled floor, while trying to give shape to the scattered plastic blocks, while eating by mother’s hand or drinking water from a saucer plate or cup on the table, child’s mind questions each actions and vault throws answers to help resolve the query.

This process keeps getting matured and consciously known to the child as it starts crawling instead of sitting, tries to stand up but do not know what to do next. Child’s mind provokes the conscious to move the leg and it does without thinking. It seems like, the child is in control of some unknown force and the child falls down questioning the provoked thought, crying for the umbrella that once was over it.

The child always remembers the umbrella but is not attached to it as it was once, due to many other external and internal activities that has taken place since its introduction to this seemingly magical world of attractive surroundings. Still, it remembers and crave for it but crying seems the only way out as the mind assures the child that someone will address the present need of yours after the loud cry is heard.

Such emotions and cleverness yet unconscious and externally unprovoked. A defence mechanism or tool to find a shoulder? Who may know this?

Little by little, day by day, child starts walking without questioning the provocation of thought to take the next step forward and slowly, gradually, learns to listen to its inner voice. The voice that always shows the way forward. During this extraordinary and divine experience yet still very unconscious, helps the child to grow further as age progress.

Child grows and learns to speak instead of making crackling noises. The same vault and provoking thought assist the child to tone down the shrillness of the sound and roll of the tongue and use of the air within to pronounce a word; MAA-MAA.

I believe, every child in this world, irrespective of any geographical language barrier would have spoken this sound. It is very pleasant and every mother associates the sound to the name that they carry after the birth of their child, MAA.

Child seems to enjoy this sound, as every time the sound comes of out their small and limited opened mouth, someone special pays conscious attention towards them. Now, the cry has transformed into the sound of MAA. It is really an astonishing achievement for the child. It plays in the mind again and again and again. Isn’t it the innocence at its best?

Child fails many times during the learning phase but the attempts made are countless as the mind is young and focused on its own growth. It listens, it sees, it feels. Combination of so many factors starts building the daily itinerary along with personal library that child will have access to at all times during their lifespan. This process of making the mind accustomed to the surrounding provides an inner peace and satisfaction but moreover, it invites further queries and pushes the mind to find further resolutions to the risen queries.

This self developed, natural, divine methodology has allowed us to think, to judge, to act, to believe, to accept, to reject, to do, to undo the unlimited micro second actions that we continue exhibiting to the outer world. Is this the way mind evolves? It first, arouses the consciousness to the event and then open the channels for the mind to start its functioning of reasoning towards the events.

Are we growing in this way or it’s the other way around? Are we reading available materials to learn or do they exist ONLY for reference purposes?

Will this mind function the same way, if we allow it to reason with thoughts arising outside from within the other individuals or will it be same, if the reasoning is done with the thoughts, queries arising within ourselves?

The need to extract information is never ending but is it wise to sprint behind knowledge without analysing the information available within?

Do we already have the knowledge that is required by us from time-to-time or is it just a myth? Are we already realised or there is no such realisation?

There are billions of unsatisfied, unanswered, non-reasoned thoughts that exist in the child-like vast mind of every individual but I guess, it still wants to reason with the inner voice first. Do you want to give your child-like mind, the opportunity to once again start reasoning with the inner self rather than devoting the vast capacity of the mind to involve in outside world?

At the end, we know who actually taught us to speak, we know who actually taught us to walk, and we know who actually helped us grow.

The answer is always with YOU. The reason lies deep within, waiting to surface just one more time….