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Role of Teachers in Changing Landscape of Education -RG

In this era of technological revolution where traditional classroom is gradually changing into a flipped classroom what is the role of the contemporary teacher in the learning of the student? What kind of teacher should a 21st century teacher be?

A traditional classroom is very much content based learning and face to face interaction environment. The physical presence of the teacher is required for optimum curriculum delivery. However, the teaching is now shifting to context based from content based. With the increasing number of eLearning avenues and shift in knowledge base ,the presence of teacher in a class setting is changing to virtual than physical.

In process of creating a virtual era of global community of learners the question arises, if this mode of learning is as effective as the traditional method? This is rather a concern than just a question in my opinion, as curriculum delivery to bring about learning in a student is the whole sole objective of teaching and delivering education. The knowledge being delivered should enhance students’ potential and incubate understanding.


Most essential aspect of teaching is communication. If a teacher has abundance of knowledge but is not able to communicate effectively to the students, it may not be worth the effort. However, eLearning encompasses a range of communication tools to deliver education materials which may fulfil this essential requirement to a great extent. However, the teachers need to decide a tool to teach the students where a meaningful learning can take place.


Now with these changes in the role of a teacher, from physical presence to virtual presence, from communicating by speech to communicating digitally, from traditional classroom setting to flipped classroom, leaves us with a question that how do we reconfigure our understanding of the modern teacher? How best the potential of the students can be fulfilled?

Years after the role of teacher was defined for bringing about learning in the student, the discussion and exploration continues with the change in platforms and shifts in technology, on how best to evolve this role of the educator. Redefinition of a teacher is in process and very much in progress with technological advancement.