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It feels good to be lost in the right direction -RG

We go through different phases in life. The phases where thoughts change, realizations occur and we take decisions or work on our dreams are the ones which pave our way to happiness. In other words, we live for the dream which outshines us. What’s happiness to you??? For me it’s the delight of feeling contentment and peace flowing through my heart and mind.

Every dream is special, because we as individual specialize in or attain specialization with course of fulfilling the dream. However, the sustainability and durability of dreams is what people around you will always raise questions about…isn’t it? I would say, probably they are not able to differentiate between thoughts and dreams. The essence of the dream is what matters and we would make it work, if that is actually our dream. Share your dreams and live them without fear as no other individual will think the same way you would.

Quantifying dreams is another common mistake we commit in initial phase itself which kills the dream. Big or small doesn’t matter, what matters is what is your objective to achieve the dream. I agree we need to earn a living but my dear even if the path is filled with roses the probability of having a few thorns cannot be ignored. Believe me once you start walking towards your own happiness things will fall in place on their own….don’t let the problems pull you down , face them , overcome them. You wouldn’t even come to know when the thunder passed by and you would be sailing smooth ….

That’s the moment when you would feel good to be lost in right direction because the gains will shine equally with in you same as they would on your bank account.

Know yourself before knowing anything else. Things will be easy.